About us

Hi there! My name is Eugenie and I am the creator of Touch of Luxury Nails.

Since I was really young, as young as 13, I grew a major interest in nails and different nail art specifically. From binge watching YouTube videos on water marble designs, to then creating them myself in my room just for the fun of it!

Eventually I grew from my younger passions (as most of us do at some point), but I eventually found myself doing and completing my beauty therapy degrees in college. I was introduced to the art of nails again through doing manicures and pedicures. 3 years later from college and now I have my own business, where I get to express my creativity, learn new cool ideas and put my own spin to them *and* I get to do what I love sharing them with you!

I created my brand in late 2021. I wanted the brand to give anyone who has a love for nails, the best experience and that luxury feel, just like you would in a salon. Everybody should want to stand out and feel confident with any set they choose to get for that event, month or special occasion and I want to be able to help give you exactly that!